24 September 2023

The Workshops

We have an exciting array of workshops to choose from at Harvest London. Ranging from the musical, environmental and sexual, all aim to provide you with tools for transformation, so you can leave with tangible ideas of how to continue the Harvest ethos and contribute positively to a better world beyond the event.



How to book your workshop

All Harvest London attendees will be able to participate in one workshop on Sunday 24th September. Read below for more information about the workshops on offer.

You will be able to select your preferred workshop from Saturday 23 September, or during check-in at KOKO on Sunday 24 September. Please note that all our workshops have limited spaces, which are booked on a first-come-first-served basis, but rest assured, we have selected only the best sessions and practitioners for this event, all of which fit within the theme of Tools for Transformation. We invite all guests to relax into the flow of Harvest and if you're unable to attend your preferred workshop, we hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected things you will learn and the unexpected friends you'll make in the process.

Harvest London - Dr. Gabor Maté

yasmine mcdougall sterea

Breaking the Myth of Perfection

How many characters do we play in life? How many costumes do we wear to make them feel and look real internally and externally? How do these characters mirror the rules of society, culture, religion, and the environment we live in? How does the environment react and mirror back to us? How do women and men relate to each other and how this affects our relationship with mother earth? In this captivating talk, Yasmine McDougall Sterea will unveil the myth of perfection that enslaves us in a golden cage and teach you how to be truly free.

Howard Covington

State of the World

Building on Howard’s talk on the Main Stage, Fighting for our Future, you’ll have the opportunity to sit with Howard for an interactive Q&A session and discover what the most pressing environmental challenges we’re facing today are. This is your opportunity to ask the leader of the Board of Trustees for one of the leading climate change organisations, Client Earth, how law fits into the equation of a greener and more sustainable future and what part you can play to help.

Harvest London

Tanya Kazeminy

Sexual Evolution - Becoming True To You

How do we return home to our sexual selves, our truth, our purity and our power? In this session we will explore why sexual evolution is important, where sexual conditioning lives within us, our truths as sexual beings, the practice of non self-abandonment and the power of authenticity. This workshop sets the scene for the growth opportunities and healing available to you through sexual evolution and serves as a guide to becoming more present, more authentic and more pleasured in your sexual and sensual experiences.

Harvest London - Hum2n


Live Stronger for Longer

Understand more about your body and devise a personalised plan to engineer vitality and longevity from your unique biology. Physician Dr. Mohammed Enayat, the founder of Hum2n, will cover digestion, nutrition, supplements, therapies, hormones and internal and external ageing with you to identify the significance of the underlying biological systems which require support. You’ll also increase your flow state, balance and poise through biological harmony and balance.

Helen Epega

Creativity & Healing

Unlock your potential and harness your creativity to define and redefine yourself. Join composer and singer Helen Epega on a journey to explore how creativity can be a conduit to healing. With a range of activities to get your juices flowing, including singing, chanting, humming, breathwork, writing, drawing, free movement and dialogue meditation, you’ll be able to tap into your playful side and learn techniques to energise, relieve stress and facilitate meditation.

Harvest London

Tom Morley

Rhythm, Vision, Values & Vibe - Drumming Workshop

Traditionally drums call us to battle or they call us to dance. In 2023 we're battling for the changes we want and dancing when we get them. Even if we don't get them we're dancing. For energy. The Groove is found at the intersection of discipline, surrender and mischief. Rhythm, vision, values and vibe. Ask anyone at Harvest for one word about Tom Morley and they will say "Drums". Drums, engage us, connect us and bond us. They bring us together to take a stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart and soul to soul. To stand for what? We'll invent that on the day. The answer will be in the groove we create. If Kaplankaya is anything to go by, woven into the mix, we'll find love, trust and social justice.



I N  P A R T N E R S H I P  W I T H

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