24 September 2023


For the first time, we are bringing the Harvest event online and livestreaming the talks from our gathering this September.

Join us for our first international Harvest event at London’s iconic KOKO and The House of KOKO members' club, where we will be bringing together brilliant minds and talent to discuss topics related to our holistic understanding of wellbeing - that of the self, the society and the planet. Gathering individuals from around the world together, we will rediscover human connection, contemplate important global issues and celebrate human potential.

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The Nexus of Beauty:
Unveiling the Circle of Life

Louie Schwartzberg & Lily Cole

A fireside chat between model activist Lily Cole and Louie Schwartzberg. Imagine crossing from the known to the mysterious through the portal of beauty, revealing the essence of creation. Embark on an exploration of nature's wonders where consciousness and the ineffable interweave, creating the very momentum that propels the Circle of Life.

Harvest London - Gabor Maté

Transcending Trauma

‎Gabor Mate

Join renowned addiction expert, speaker and author Dr. Gabor Maté for his talk on transcending trauma. An internationally renowned speaker and physician, Gabor is highly sought after for his expertise on addiction, trauma and childhood development. An award-winning and international bestselling author of four books published in thirty languages, Gabor has also been awarded the Order of Canada - the country's highest civilian distinction for his ground-breaking work in medicine.

Harvest London - Africa Brooke

Courage over Conformity: how to liberate your mind & voice in the face of fear

Africa Brooke

Contrary to popular belief, courage is not simply a natural-born trait. It's a skill that can be honed through honest self-reflection, clear intention-setting, repeated action, calculated risk-taking, and a willingness to lean into discomfort. We find ourselves in a time where nuances seem to be disappearing; causing frustration, resentment, and fatigue. Now more than ever we need more courageous, bold individuals who are willing to blaze the trail for open conversation and fresh ideas. Using my 7 years of professional experience supporting people in and out of the public eye, I will be guiding you through the intimate process of moving from self-censorship and into mindful expression.

Harvest London - Howard Covington

Fighting for Our Future: ClientEarth's Vital Mission

Howard Covington

In an impactful talk, Howard Covington, Chairman of ClientEarth, sheds light on the state of the world and the pivotal work of ClientEarth. Based on his experience in science, finance and environmental law, Covington presents a candid view of pressing global challenges and the potential for positive action. ClientEarth, a pioneering non-profit environmental law organisation, takes centre stage in Covington's talk. He underscores its unique approach, that merges legal expertise with environmental passion to address critical issues.

To be human

Wade Davis

Join anthropologist, writer, photographer & filmmaker Wade Davis for his talk: To Be Human. National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, Wade’s work looks into how we can reconfigure our behavioural patterns and create real change in ourselves and the world, taking him from the Amazon, Tibet and Africa to Australia, Polynesia and the Arctic. Currently Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, the polymath has authored 22 books, one the winner of the 2012 Samuel Johnson prize.


Enjoy Harvest London from home

Ticket pricing: £24-60

For the first time we invite a digital audience from around the world to participate. Five talks will be livestreamed on September 24. Ticket holders will be able to access the talks as VOD (video on demand) from September 25 until October 1st.


Rather join us in person?

Register for tickets to Harvest London via the link below


I N  P A R T N E R S H I P  W I T H

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