26th - 29th May
Six Senses, Kaplankaya


Discover a 3-day transformative experience that combines relaxation, self-discovery, and adventure, deeply ingrained in Turkish culture and holistic wellness.

Begin with a serene boat journey to Iassos, engaging in breathwork and a gong ceremony amidst ancient ruins. 

Enjoy Katonah yoga, savour traditional Turkish meals, and participate in Lynne Twist's incredible Awaken The Dreamer Symposium.

The experience culminates on the third day with outdoor adventures in Latmos and a lakeside dinner with live music at Herakleia, offering a blend of cultural immersion and rejuvenation.

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Harvest Series stands out for its curated lineup of world-class performers, speakers, and practitioners, ensuring a transformative experience for participants.

Highlighting experts such as Lynne Twist, with her deep insights into global challenges and consciousness transformation, Danielle Rosati, a celebrated Katonah Yoga specialist, Lisa de Narvaez, with her profound breathwork and spiritual practices, and Pauline Fabry, known for her unique MeteoriteGong sound experiences.

These experts embody the high-quality and holistic retreat experience the Harvest Series is renowned for, blending expertise and enriching approaches for a comprehensive experience.

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Lisa de Narvaez

Lisa de Narvaez is a pioneering member of the Harvest Series community and a dedicated teacher of consciousness, with a focus on human evolution. With over two decades of experience, she has established herself as an NYU-certified life coach, a master in breathwork facilitation, a specialist in human design, and a Reiki master.

Lisa also holds lineages in various modalities of meditation, presence, inner work, and energetic and embodiment practices. Her approach is experiential, drawing on her extensive global travels and continuous studies, fueled by her passion for humanity and her own journey in evolutionary systems.

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Pauline Fabry

Pauline Fabry is known as the creator of MeteoriteGongs, blending her skills as an artist, hypnosis coach, and researcher.

She crafts these unique instruments at energetically potent locations around the world, including the Etna volcano. Aligning them with cosmic and planetary constellations, and incorporating meteorites into their design, she creates tools for transcendence, ceremony, and spiritual alignment. 

Traveling globally, Pauline uses these MeteoriteGongs to facilitate experiences of deep transformation, activation, and connection to the earth's energy lines.

Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist, a global activist and visionary, has dedicated her life to humanitarian, environmental, and social justice causes.

From working alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta, aiding refugees in Ethiopia, to advocating for the Amazon rainforest and guiding philanthropy, Lynne's journey intersects with Nobel laureates and grassroots movements.

Her insights into financial ethics, women's empowerment, and transformative change offer a profound understanding of humanity's interconnectedness and potential for positive impact.

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Danielle Rosati

Based in New York, Danielle Rosati is a movement coach specializing in Katonah Yoga, a unique blend of classical Hatha yoga, Taoist yoga, and elements from western esoteric philosophy. 

Katonah Yoga uses metaphor and analogy, seeing the body as a home, the mind as a musician, and breath as music.

This approach emphasizes the use of personal experiences to understand both oneself and the wider world. Central to Katonah practices is breathwork, a key to entering meditative states, recognized for its accessibility, practicality, and transformative power.

Deger Eren

Fueled by her love for Anatolia's heritage, Eren has embraced a vocation in sharing its rich history, vibrant culture, and traditions.

Her passion guides her in connecting diverse individuals to the essence of Anatolia through captivating storytelling.

By illuminating the region's past and present, Deger offers an insightful journey into the heart of this ancient land, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding among those keen to explore its profound legacy.

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An experienced designed to delivery a blend of relaxation, self-discovery, and adventure, deeply infused with Turkish culture and holistic well-being. Set against Turkey's breathtaking landscapes and rich history, this integration retreat offers a profound connection to oneself and others.

Day 1 commences with a serene boat journey from Main Beach to the ancient city of Iassos. Here, amidst Greek and Roman ruins, you'll be captivated by tales of its remarkable past, from the Bronze Age to its classical zenith. This historical storytelling session with Deger Eren will be followed with breathwork and a gong experience, harmonising with the ancient city's aura.

Day 2 begins with the option of Katonah Yoga or a Nervous System Regulation workshop, followed by a sumptuous Turkish breakfast. The day includes workshops with special guests and personal time to enjoy the spa, culminating in a community dinner for shared reflections and conversation.

Day 3 also begins with the option of Katonah Yoga or a Nervous System Regulation workshop before you head out to explore Latmos with a choice of hiking or e-biking through historic landscapes. The adventure concludes with a lakeside dinner and live music in the enchanting ruins of Herakleia, creating a memorable evening.

This retreat is not just a getaway; it's an inspiring journey that melds expert yoga, breathwork, and sound healing practices with the captivating essence of Turkish culture. Book your Harvest Integration Experience for an unforgettable journey of exploration, connection, and rejuvenation.

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Your base for the retreat will be Six Senses Kaplankaya. Nestled in Milas, near Bodrum City the resort is a haven of wellness and luxury set against Turkey's Aegean backdrop. The resort offers 141 elegantly designed rooms and suites, many with private pools and terraces, showcasing breathtaking views. Renowned for its exceptional service, the resort features a spa, sauna, fitness center, and restaurants serving Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. Activities like yoga, pilates, and hiking cater to those seeking both relaxation and adventure, making it an ideal retreat for couples and wellness enthusiasts.


Your first excursion will be via boat to the ancient city of Iassos.

Iassos, an ancient site rich in Greek and Roman history, sits along the Turkish coast, offering a picturesque mix of ruins, temples, and an amphitheater. This historical treasure provides a vivid journey into the past, where visitors can explore its deep-rooted heritage and architectural wonders.

Uniquely accessible for a private experience, Iassos resonates with a special energy, having been a human settlement since the Early Bronze Age, with its earliest relics dating back to the Chalcolithic and possibly even the Neolithic Era.

The site features a temple dedicated to Artemis, the goddess revered for her association with the hunt, wilderness, nature, and childbirth. In later traditions, Artemis was linked to Selene, embodying the Moon, and depicted roaming forests and mountains, surrounded by her nymph entourage.

The image below shows the spectacular amphitheatre that will be for your experience only during an evening of storytelling, breathwork and a sound journey in the most wonderful setting imaginable.


On your third day you'll have the opportunity to discover the charm of Latmos, an ancient region where history and nature intertwine beautifully. Our retreat invites you to explore this storied landscape, famed for its blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

Embark on an e-bike adventure, starting from the mountain village of Kayabükü. Your journey will cover 40 km through picturesque slopes lined with pine trees and olive groves, leading to breathtaking views of Lake Bafa and the mountains. The route descends to the village of Akçalı, culminating in the mystical village of Kapıkırı, where ancient ruins meet modern life. The day ends with a lakeside al fresco dinner amidst these historical marvels.

For those who prefer to hike, a 6 or 9 km trail through olive groves and historic sites awaits. Discover 8000-year-old wall paintings, a Byzantine monastery, and Hellenistic ruins before concluding with a similar lakeside dinner in Kapıkırı.

Latmos, once known as Mount Latmus, is a land of myths, such as the tale of the moon goddess Selene and shepherd Endymion. Inhabited since prehistoric times, its landscape is a testament to its rich history, making it the perfect setting for a retreat that connects you with the ancient world and the tranquility of nature.


With our extensive experience in crafting top-tier retreats, our core philosophy centers on prioritising our guests. We strive to ensure a seamless transition from one activity to another, harmonising periods of personal introspection with communal activities. Our retreats are designed to balance tranquil, reflective moments with dynamic, energising experiences. For a comprehensive view of our itinerary, please follow the provided link.



Departure by boat to the historical Iassos.

Guided storytelling session with Deger Eren in Iassos' ampitheatre about its ancient history.

Breathwork session led by Lisa de Navarez and a sound journey with Pauline Fabry.

Sunset dinner at Iassos archaeological site with scenic views.


Katonah Yoga with Danielle Rosati or a Nervous System Regulation workshop with Lisa de Narvaez.

Traditional Turkish breakfast.

Awaken The Dreamer Symposium with Lynne Twist.

Traditional Turkish lunch.

Free time to enjoy Six Senses at your leisure.

Personal massages at world-renowned Six Senses Spa.

Community Integration Retreat dinner.


Katonah Yoga with Danielle Rosati or a Nervous System Regulation workshop with Lisa de Narvaez.

Traditional Turkish breakfast.

Meet at Hotel reception for transfers.

Trail start for hikers and e-bikers. 
The 40 km e-bike route winds from Kayabükü through picturesque landscapes and ancient ruins to Kapıkırı, ending with the hikers for a lakeside dinner. The hike, 6 or 9 km, explores olive groves, historical sites, and ends with dinner by Lake Bafa in Kapıkırı.

Meet at Lakeside Ruins of Herakleia for Alfresco Dinner & Closing Ceremony.





  • 3 night stay at Six Senses Kaplankaya.
  • A 3-day program of excursions, storytelling, workshops and activities with world-class practitioners.
  • All meals from dinner on 26th May to breakfast on 29th May as part of a unique and healthy gastronomic experience.