Harvesting knowledge to nurture
ourselves, each other and the planet. 

Harvest Kaplankaya is a curated four-day experience aimed at bringing people together to rediscover human connection, contemplate important global issues and celebrate human potential.


Forging Radical Hope

Humans, like nature, are hardwired to survive, but our resilience isn't simply based on our intelligence, strength or technology. It's also about our ability to hope and to reimagine social constructs to build a more connected, more peaceful world. 

Over four days, a gathering of world experts, artists and intellectuals will come together to explore the questions: Where have we come from? What’s going on in the world today? And where do we go from here? Breaking down human constructs across time, we will begin to identify what in the past and present serves us and the planet, concluding with radical hope for building a brighter future. The kind of hope that is durable enough to encounter setbacks, that is powerful enough to overcome impossible odds.

Motivational talks & workshops


Motivational talks & workshops

Movement, beaches & wellness classes


Movement, beaches & wellness classes

Share, learn & collaborate


Share, learn & collaborate

World-class chefs


World-class chefs



On the edge of turquoise waters with Greek islands as the backdrop, Kaplankaya is spread over a hilly and rugged terrain dotted with olive groves and pine trees.

Thanks to the warm climate in this region of Turkey, Harvest takes place mostly outdoors, taking advantage of one of the seven beachfronts for our main stage and the spectacular restaurants and bars for evenings under the stars. Playing host to Harvest is the 5-star Six Senses Kaplankaya hotel in Turkey, the perfect partner to complement our values of wellbeing and nature. Rated #3 in Condé Nast's Top Destination Spa Resorts in the world in 2022, the hotel boasts luxurious rooms guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep, as well as a range of facilities including a 10,000sqm spa with unique high-end treatments targeting nutrition, ageing, detoxing, sleep and much more. Fitness facilities also include a state-of-the-art gym, yoga room, basketball and tennis courts, cycling studio and more.


T H E  P R O G R A M

Everyone's relationship with nature and the self is different, which is why Harvest creates experiences that allow you to connect with them in multiple ways - through inspirational content, relatable speakers, hands-on experience and a genuine sense of community.


Check in & registration / Opening ceremony & alter activation / Welcome dinner / Concert


Health & wellness program / Talks & workshops / Sundowners & performances / Immersive dinner


Health & wellness program / Talks & workshops / Plein air concert / Culinary Experience


Health & wellness program / Talks & workshops / Sunset ceremony / Dinner soirée / Closing party


Turkish breakfast / Check out


Dr. Shefali - Harvest Kaplankaya

Expert in family dynamics & personal growth

Dr. Shefali

Dr. Shefali received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia University. Specialising in the integration of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, she brings together the best of both worlds for her clients. She is an expert in family dynamics and personal development, teaching courses around the globe. She has written four books, three of which are New York Times best-sellers, including her two landmark books The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family.


Co-Founder, Center for Humane Technology

Tristan Harris

Featured in the two-time Emmy-winning Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, Tristan has explored the influences that hijack human attitudes, behaviours and beliefs. Once a Design Ethicist leader at Google, he now runs a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to align technology with humanity’s best interests. Regularly briefing heads of state and CEOs, Tristan also mobilises millions of people around the world through his podcast, Undivided Attention, and other mainstream media.


Psychedelic artist

Alex Grey

Representing realms of visionary consciousness, interweaving the anatomy of body and soul, Alex’s paintings illuminate the core of each being with light, depicting psychedelic mystical experiences that have inspired millions. Along with his countless exhibitions, the visionary artist and New Age leader is also the author of five books. His speaking appearances, including a popular TED talk and his work with the rock band TOOL on three albums, including stage sets, animations, and Grammy award winning album art has made Alex Grey a renowned figure in contemporary art.


Painter & social sculptor

Allyson Grey

Educated at Tufts University (MFA), Allyson has long been an art educator, editor, art events creator and muse to artists. A mentor and influencer of the contemporary Visionary Art movement, her paintings address an essentialized world view, the artist’s interpretation of the realms of Chaos, Order and Secret Writing. Chaos symbolises the material world, a field of coloured light made of particles and waves, cells and systems. Order represents the interconnected realm of pure spirit, a mandala of energy and light. Secret Writing scribes the untranslatable realm of creative expression.


Buddhist monk, Co-founder of Tibet House US

Bob Thurman

Bob is a talented populariser of the Buddha’s teachings and the first Westerner Tibetan Buddhist monk ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. A charismatic speaker and author of many books on Tibet, Buddhism, art, politics and culture, Bob was named by The New York Times the leading American expert on Tibetan Buddhism. Time Magazine chose him as one of the 25 most influential Americans in 1997, describing him as a “larger than life scholar-activist destined to convey the Dharma, the precious teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, from Asia to America.”


Tibetan Buddhist scholar & religious academic

Dr. Thupten Jinpa

Educated in the classical Tibetan monastic academia, Thupten received the highest academic degree of Geshe Lharam (equivalent to a doctorate in divinity). He also holds a BA in philosophy and a PhD in religious studies from the University of Cambridge. Since 1985, he has been the principal translator to the Dalai Lama, accompanying him to the United States, Canada and Europe. He has translated and edited many books by the Dalai Lama, including the New York Times bestseller Ethics for the New Millennium.



Julie Holland

Dr. Julie Holland is a psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist and author of the NYT bestsellers Moody Bitches and Weekends at Bellevue. She is the editor of two non-profit books: Ecstasy: The Complete Guide and The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis. While now a medical advisor to MAPS, she was a medical monitor for several clinical studies examining the efficacy of using MDMA-assisted psychotherapy or cannabis in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her newest book is Good Chemistry: The Science of Connection, From Soul to Psychedelics.


Philosopher, futurist & technologist

Jason Silva

Jason explores modernity and technology and how it both benefits and disrupts humanity. The pressures of these can impact our mental health, but it turns out moving past our comfort zones is cognitively beneficial. Blowing our minds boosts cognitive flexibility. We become more resilient, more creative, more adaptable.


Author, Founder of Flow Genome Project

Jamie Wheal

Specialising in the neuroscience and application of Flow states - full task engagement that is accompanied with low-levels of self-referential thinking - Jamie has advised everyone from the U.S. Naval War College to the owners of the NBA and Premier League teams, to the executives of Google, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs. He is the founder and Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project and co-author of the Pulitzer nominated global bestseller, Stealing Fire.


Movement specialist & wilderness medic

Julie Webster

Julie Webster is an embodied movement specialist, wilderness medic, mountain guide, mother and Montessorian. Her passion is women's fitness with a focus on the whole body, our full lifespans, health and vitality.


Dancer of light, founder of Dancing the Divine

Amber Joy Rava

With an impressive background in dance with groups such as the Cirque du Soleil, Amber offers a dancing path of self mastery, with inspiration from real life diva Dakini experiences. Her teachings focus on cultivating life force and revitalising our beauty with courage and ritual embodiment anytime, anywhere.


Musician, Curator of Cosmic Awakenings


A prolific designer of sound, Lemurian produces vibrations that connect you to your higher self and ancestral knowledge, while continually bridging the gap to the conscious mind. His Cosmic Awakenings label was created to awaken hearts and celebrate life, taking you on a cosmic journey of melodies from all over the world to help people transcend without borders.


Musicians, explorers of sound connection


A duo of dear friends joining in a life journey, exploring the subtle space in music and playing the strings of the mind-heart connection in a congruent resonance of individual and global truth.


Founder, Blisspoint Breathwork

Lisa de Narvaez

NYU certified coach and master breathwork teacher, Lisa is a spiritual technologist committed to the evolution of human consciousness. Her trailblazing style has made her a crowd favourite among prestigious organisations such as Summit Series, Bloomberg and Well+Good.


Drummer & group orchestrator

Tom Morley

A founding member and drummer of Scritti Politti, an 80’s band who used to improvise half of their songs on stage, Tom has also recorded with David Bowie and Madness. An expert in bringing people together, he uses a vibrant blend of music and humour to enable individuals and teams to activate their ‘rockstar energy’ and find their creative voice as a group. He helps transform a group of people into one high performing team achieving an amazing team sound, creating a lasting legacy and a truly unforgettable experience.


Celebrity Trainer & The Studio Paris Founder

Julie Granger

A former professional ballerina, Julie trained with Boston Ballet and Joffrey Ballet, before founding her own ballet school at the age of 22. After going on to get training qualifications in yoga and personal training, Julie then went on to found The Studio, the first American-style boutique fitness studio right in the centre of Paris.


Energetic chiropractor

David Biddle

Since a chance encounter with the process of N.S.A (Network Spinal Analysis), David has been working with N.S.A. and exploring the energetic nature of the body/mind for over 25 years. This has given him the opportunity to travel Europe, Turkey and Israel, presenting classes and workshops, helping others awaken their potential at every level to become more fulfilled in all areas of their lives.


Electro-acoustic musicians


Born from the musical dreams of Istanbul based musician and producer Toga Boyuk, Islandman represents a fictional character, music persona and dreamer, composing stories of a fantastical land. Setting off on a cross-cultural sound journey, they introduce shamanic rhythms and nomadic guitars combined with compact electronic structures.


Creator, producer & DJ


In recent years T-Puse has become one of the prominent names in the Organic House scene in Israel and around the world, with countless releases with the major labels of the genre. His DJ sets and electronic live performances combine electric Baglama and keyboards. T-Puse brings an experience full of soul-healing sounds that produce an authentic oriental celebration.


Yoga & movement guide

Alexis Gulliver

With 18 years’ experience in studying, practising and teaching the principles of yoga, Alexis believes everyone deserves the opportunity to feel inspired and motivated. Alexis helps to incorporate effective and efficient tools into everyday life with a sense of ease, helping individuals practice self- reflection, remembering what brings health and success into their personal lives. Working with movement, mindfulness and breath-work, she travels the world teaching classes, workshops and retreats to facilitate a deeper sense of connection and purpose. 


Visionary Violinist

New Thousand

This eclectic dance project of irreverent New York violinist Adrian Jusdanis draws heavily on the  Mediterranean melodies of his Greek heritage and has played around the globe from the streets of New Orleans to sunrise sets at Burning Man. Taking inspiration from hip hop, house, classical and blues sounds, Adrian believes in the liberatory power of ecstatic experience, his musical mission is to foster deep release and communal joy.



Gleb Andrianov

Gleb is a multifaceted musician - a piano player, improviser, composer for theatre performances, cinema, multimedia, multiple exhibitions, author of multidisciplinary and art performances.


Acrobat & co-founder of AcroYoga

Jason Nemer

A champion acrobat, by age 16 Jason had won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships of Sports Acrobatics and at 21 realised his dream of performing at the Olympic Games. The co-founder of AcroYoga, he fuses elements from acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage into his practice. With celebrity clients and companies such as Google, Jason’s work has gained worldwide recognition and even earned him a feature in New York Times Bestselling author Tim Ferriss’ book, Tools of Titans.


Associate Director at Burning Man Project

Erica Blair

With a background in brand strategy and experience design, Erica’s focus has long been on unlocking the potential of decentralised networks. A co-founder of two branding agencies and co-organiser of Bretton Woods 75, an experimental economics conference designed to examine the definition of value and the future of resource distribution, Erica now is helping Burning Man Project envision how it can best contribute to the flourishing of both people and planet.


Sadhu Board Master

Fedor Elutine

A practising master of sadhu nails, Fedor studied from Master Stan who practiced nail standing for more than 10 years. Fedor is full of energy and likes to encourage his clients to try this therapy and push through any initial discomfort in order to reach a euphoric phase. He has been a guide to over 200 people.


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