Feminine Power with Regena Thomashauer


Programme Details

Thursday 30th November 2023

Come to breakfast at your leisure.

Desires are the ingredients of a life well-lived. They are what drive a woman, and keep her moving, growing, and evolving in new directions. But learning how to identify and prioritise our desires is a skill most of us were never taught. Today’s workshop will show you how to locate and own your deepest longings. It’s time to address unfinished business. To confront the risks you’ve never taken. The dreams you haven’t touched. The parts of yourself you’ve always longed to inhabit and claim. This session will be foundational to your feminine education. You'll get the training, inspiration, and deep support you need to clarify what you most want, and take actionable steps towards attaining it.

Enjoy traditional Moroccan food fused with Mediterranean influences in this seated gathering on Moroccan rugs and cushions.

Part two of today's theme: Desire

Enjoy dinner under the Moroccan stars on Jnane Tamsna's rooftop with your fellow attendees. Bring a layer!