Wellness therapies with Catherine Heartwood

60 minutes of a wellness therapy of your choice: Chi Nei Tsang Massage, Reiki treatment, Emotional Body De-armoring, Marma therapy, Abhyanga, Ayurvedic Nasya, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) or Indian head massage.


What are the different therapies?

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)
This Taoist technique which focuses upon detoxing and stimulating the health of the internal organs and digestive system. It is a deeply profound session as it understands that unresolved emotions are stored in our organs and when left untreated causes blockages in our entire meridian system. This therapy may be as deep or as gentle as you wish, providing relief for many types of digestive and organ related issues with particular benefits for women’s health.

A is high vibrational subtle energy work which rebalances your cellular being and reconnects your emotional, mental and physical bodies with your energy and soul. It is received fully clothed and can be experienced as deeply relaxing or highly transformational.

Emotional body de-armoring
Working both physically and energetically, with specific problem areas of the body which are holding trapped emotions or thought patterns. Often helping to identify mental/emotional body issues as the physical body releases.

Marma therapy
An individualised energy treatment to balance the elements and flows in your body. The Chakras are marmas and are considered the portals or gateways where Body, Mind, Emotions & Soul may be accessed. This personalised therapy determined by a pulse reading, focuses upon those which are most specific to your healing.

A classical soothing rhythmic ayurvedic massage which uses herbal oil to nourish the skin and calm the senses

Ayurvedic Nasya
A personalised face and nasal treatment ideal for asthma, chronic sinus issues and sensitivities, snoring, colds and flu’s, as well as tightness in the throat, neck, jaw (TMJ) and shoulders. This therapy provides a massage of the neck, throat, head, shoulders and face to relieve congestion in lymph and to improve blood flow to the face and brain. It promotes a sense of mental well-being as herbal oils are inserted into the nostrils, cleansing and nourishing the delicate and often irritated nasal passageways.

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)
TRE trauma release exercises were developed and used for the USA army for releasing PTSD and are highly effective for releasing stress in general. Animals have a tremour mechanism which allows them to shake off a trauma and in TRE we activate this same process in a safe and held way of somatic release. Available as an individual or group session.

Indian Head Massage
The head and hair are doused in richly herbalised oils. The scalp is an area of the body which is often neglected, and can hold a lot of tension affecting the face, neck , and shoulders. This highly invigorating and yet calming massage will leave you feeling refreshed with a noticeable release of tension in the jaw, neck, face and scalp.