Harvest Kaplankaya
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Thursday 23rd May

Sage & Sea restaurant at Six Senses Kaplankaya offers an abundant traditional Turkish-style breakfast. Located on level one, it includes a bar and uninhibited views of the Aegean Sea and Bodrum peninsula.

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH with Eva Kaczor at Yoga Pavilion

breathwork x electronic music - purpose. Let Eva guide you through her PSYCHEDELIC BREATH experience. Tap into a psychedelic state naturally and explore your vision for the future.

HIIT Class with Brylle Kamen at Main Beach

A dynamic fusion of intense intervals, boxing, cardio, strengthening, and yoga, all designed to reshape your fitness journey. Led by Brylle, a retired professional basketball player who’s spent over twenty years training and conditioning the body and mind.

Spontaneous Action with Amber Joy Rava at Family Beach

Wake up with the sun, start your day with a Spontaneous Activation sure to set you on Fire with Sacred Embodiment tools gathered from her method Dancing the Divine. Prepare your body / energy for the “Dancefloor” Life.

HUMANHOOD Dance Class with Julia Roberts and Rudice Cole at Movement Studio

Experience the transformative HUMANHOOD workshop where choreography merges with science, mysticism, and holistic movement. Dive into Rudi and Julia's fusion of choreography with elements of physics and eastern mysticism.

Engage in gi-gong, shaking, bouncing, and guided improvisation to unlock your body's wisdom and connect with inner energy. Led by Rudi and Julia, immerse in light, sound, and movement, culminating in a final meditation for profound self-discovery. Explore the boundless potential of human expression and interconnectedness in the universe.

Primal Moves with Nick Brewer at Harvest Stage

Embrace the power of Primal Moves, a revolutionary and now cult workout method conceived by founder Nick Brewer within the confines of a prison isolation cell. Join Nick as he leads us through the principles of this dynamic bodyweight training, designed to open the body and correct negative postural patterns that affect us physically and emotionally.

Through multi-joint, multi-planar movements, discover newfound stability, strength, and mobility, while restoring balance to both body and mind. Embark on this transformative journey to unlock your primal potential and rediscover your body's natural harmony. Start your day with Primal Moves and ignite your inner strength.

Katonah Yoga with Danielle Rosati at Yoga Studio

Experience Katonah Yoga, a structural practice honing the bones and joints, aligning organs and glands for optimal function. These workshop-style classes with a focus on adjustments reveal the intricate design of your body, guiding you towards alignment and transformation.

Dive into archetypal poses not just for relaxation, but for profound personal change, using your body as a roadmap to growth. Through repetitive practice, embark on a journey of reformation, transformation, and liberation, paving the way to a more joyful you.

Harvest Stage

Alexander Asseily gives an introduction to ‘Becoming A Good Ancestor’, a new book by his mother Alexandra in which she shares pearls of emotional wisdom and the tools to help you discover and ultimately release your own ancestral trauma. Through deeper awareness and forgiveness, we can break free from repeating unhealthy patterns inherited from our own ancestors, allowing ourselves and our descendants to pursue more consequential and peaceful lives.

Embark on a profound exploration of freedom and resilience with Nick Brewer, founder of the Ibiza School of Primal Movement.

In this captivating keynote, Nick shares his extraordinary journey from six years of confinement in an Argentinian prison, including four years of solitary isolation, to discovering the transformative power of movement amidst adversity.

Dr. Andrew Weil, a pioneer in integrative medicine, will discuss the innovative work of the Andrew Weil University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

This esteemed center merges conventional medicine with holistic therapies, emphasizing whole-person care and preventative measures.

Dr. Weil will highlight how integrative medicine improves health outcomes and reduces healthcare costs, presenting case examples to illustrate its efficacy. Additionally, he will share his philosophy on healthy aging, advocating for a future where integrative practices become the standard of "good medicine."

Amanda Feilding explores the mystical experience, tracing its presence across time and cultures, highlighting its transformative potential, and drawing parallels between ancient practices and contemporary scientific research. 

Amanda will explore how mystical states can be induced endogenously or using the sacramental tools of psychedelic compounds.

She will discuss the profoundly transformative qualities of these so-called ‘mystical experiences’ for overcoming conditions like depression and addiction, and for initiating the individual to go beyond the typical constraints of ego, time, space, and conditioning to access realms far beyond those of ordinary waking consciousness.

Afternoon Workshops

While many have directly experienced the therapeutic  power of psychedelics, we understand that for various  reasons, some are hesitant to journey. As such, we’ve curated an inclusive digital psychedelic experience, allowing everyone from the curious to the experienced psychonaut to “go-inwards" without the use of any substances. 

What is a digital psychedelic experience?

Drawing inspiration from both ancient philosophies and modern science, this unique journey blends vibration, pulsating lights, and synchronized sound. This is a one-of-a-kind  experience that brings you back to center without the use of any substances.

What is soul song?

Soul song is your soul that through divine code is being sung to by Lex Empress on the spot. A transmission where Lex in full devotion executes exactly what is being shown to her by source, in melody, vocal techniques, words, in every breath. 

This moment, any moment, you have a song, about something in your life about which you may receive clarity. Now you can hear and receive this healing live. 

Lex is a full time professional singer who sings in 7 different languages and has a 4, 5 octave vocal reach. She is a songwriter with full vision and healing capabilities. Gilian Baracs is a virtuoso pianist who improvises every note he will play. Each song sounds like a radio song, is fully recorded, mixed and mastered for you and sent afterwards. 

Over 7000 songs have been played so far. An incredible legacy until you hear and see it for yourself.

In this 90-minute Deep Dive for Women we will explore the unique textures of our feminine nature, our sexual aliveness  and all the ways we can liberate more love in our relationships through our authentic expression. 

There is a part of every human that is unchanging. From before your birth, and beyond your death, it remains the same. 

Resting deep in the stillness of that space, grounded in consciousness, is your masculine capacity.

Leave the workshop with an embodied experience of what your partner yearns for. Of what the world so desperately needs.

Join Feodor Elutine's 90-minute workshop to unlock focus, inner balance, and conquer fear through the ancient practice of standing on sadhu nails.

Experience foot reflexology, a 5,000-year-old Chinese technique, stimulating energy flow for holistic healing. In a safe, supportive environment, embrace new sensations, overcome mental barriers, and heal past traumas. 

With Feodor's guidance and joyful energy, join over 2000 others on this transformative journey. Express yourself freely and prepare for a profound shift in well-being.

Join Yrsa's "Working with the Unsayable" workshop to embark on the journey of meeting yourself. In this guided sharing experience, you'll explore your subconscious and write from the heart. With just workbooks, paper, and pens, Yrsa will help you uncover hidden feelings and dreams in a supportive, judgment-free environment.

Discover surprising insights as you listen and share with others, delving into the depths of your true self.

Join the "Embodying the Erotic as a Portal for Transformation" workshop, a wildly powerful, fun, and deep experience to reclaim your erotic power as source energy.

In this workshop, you'll reconnect with your full emotional range, embracing every strong feeling. By vanquishing disapproval and disconnection, you'll tap into your innate power of creation. Use the erotic as a potent force for transformation, creativity, and connection, and discover the beauty in the darkness together.

Please note this is a great opportunity to take notes with a pen and paper.

In university, Ben was unexpectedly hit with a depression that forced him to drop out of school. In an attempt to feel alive again, Ben and his three friends created a list of their 100 wildest dreams and began checking them off one by one.

For every dream they accomplished, they helped a stranger accomplish a dream too. Since then, they've crossed off "Write a #1 New York Times Bestseller," "Make a TV show (on MTV)," "Be interviewed by Oprah," help reunite a father and son after 17 years, and surprised a young girl with a much-needed bionic arm. President Obama called Ben and his friends "an inspiration for a new generation," and Oprah declared their mission "truly inspiring."

In this powerful session, Ben shares his system for achieving impossible goals and explains how the path to growth is the pursuit of purpose. Ben will lead you through a process to uncover your hidden dreams and overcome the barriers holding you back.

Having presented to over one million people worldwide, Ben’s master storytelling will inspire you to connect to your authentic self and take action.

Join Pauline Fabry for a unique sound journey: "Portal Activation in Planetary and Cosmic Alignment." In this immersive experience, we'll transcend and activate together, guided by inner wisdom, inspiration, and essence.

Through all-interweaving sounds, we'll calibrate for pure unity and connection. Embrace this opportunity to align with cosmic energies and elevate your spirit in harmony with the universe.

Experience the magic of Anatolian Electronic Live Music as ethnic melodies meet Electronic beats on the shore.

Brass trumpets, clarinets, and percussion create a captivating fusion of tradition and innovation. Join us for a celebration of cultural diversity and musical creativity under the stars.

Prepare to be transported by a DJ set featuring a full rotation of original songs and powerful, legendary vocals. Immerse yourself in immaculate lyrics, vibes, and melodies that create an unforgettable experience. This is more than music; it's a journey you have to experience for yourself.

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