Our partners benefit from access to our carefully curated international community of pioneers, adventurers and dreamers. 

Harvest's audience is a carefully selected group of influential and highly connected individuals who engage with Harvest’s content and contribute to enabling real change in the world. One of the greatest and most distinctive traits of the Harvest gatherings, which sets it apart from others of its kind, is the intimacy between speakers and a high-profile audience.



Building Bridges

Harvest provides a unique platform for our partners through events, social and online channels and our Harvest Series content, giving you the opportunity to plug into our audience in a multitude of ways. We empower our partners to engage with Harvest's community in ways that are directly linked with your ethics, interests and priorities.

Our Partners

We are proud to collaborate with our partners to deliver exceptional content in Kaplankaya and around the world.

Capital Partners
Six Senses
The House of Koko
Athena Advisers

Capital Partners

"Harvest has far exceeded our expectations in both the calibre of the event and the unique audience that the gathering brings together. The value Harvest has brought can not only be measured in commercial terms. It has gone beyond business by embedding authenticity in the DNA of our business. We are honoured to join the pursuit to make the world a better place by igniting change through the sharing of knowledge and culture."

London Nootropics

"We met lots of incredible people at the Summit and have since launched in one of the attendee's hotels in Spain which is incredible, I think meeting at Harvest meant we met as friends rather than a pure business relationship, which is lovely and wholesome!!"

London Nootropics

"We partnered and sponsored to help promote our adaptogenic coffees and network, which has been great, what we got also was personal inspiration and growth from the Summit and the retreat we attended - which has been incredibly powerful for us as human beings, and benefited our business also!"