Get to know the Harvest Alumni on a deeper level - tap into these extraordinary minds to find out what makes them tick.

Rodo Escalante: Navigating autism through breath

As a young boy, Rodo Escalante was diagnosed with autism and ADHD and suffered from depression and anger. Although his early years were not easy, everything changed for him when he discovered yoga, specifically the Prānāyāma practice. Breathing led him to deep dive in the Mexican caves, and Rodo today is not only able to be centred and to live without prescription medicine but is also teaching his method to clients. He shares his powerful experience with authenticity.

Louie Schwartzberg: Why optimism is our only choice

Humans, like nature, are resilient. Even in difficult times, life finds a way to emerge and to thrive. Gratitude is one of the ways in which we can develop resilience: by consciously shifting negative thoughts into positive thoughts of gratitude for what we have and for what is, we can thrive and help others to as well. A visual artist who breaks barriers, award-winning film director Louie tells stories that celebrate life and reveal the mysteries and wisdom of nature, people and places.

Taiye Selasi: Un-dividing citizens, leaders & discussions

What purpose do nation states and craft states serve in today’s modern world? On a fundamental level, leaders should be acting to protect the citizens of a country - in some cases this is seen to be true, but sometimes the consequence of protecting one nation’s citizens can be at the detriment of others around the globe. Harvest journalist Rose Claverie talks with one of our speakers from Harvest Kaplankaya in October 2022 to dig deep into what makes a conscious leader and a conscious state and ultimately how to create a more peaceful world.

Daniel Schmachtenberger: Why we can still avoid imminent extinction

Some of Daniel Schmarchtenberger's friends say you can be "Schmachtenberged". It means realising that we are on our way to self-destruction as a civilisation, on a global level. This is a topic often addressed by the American philosopher and strategist, in a world with powerful weapons and technologies and a lack of efficient governance. But, as the catastrophic script has already started to be written, is there still hope? And how do we start reversing the scenario?

Bibi Brzozka: Reclaiming sexuality & awakening the self

How do we improve the intimate connection with our partners and take our sex life to new heights? It all starts with self love, compassion and self pleasure. Bibi Brzozka used to be more interested in glamorous things, money and her career. Then one day, she had an enlightening sexual experience, a full-body orgasm, that changed her life. Now she is a sex, love and relationship coach, and an expert in what she calls conscious sexuality.

Alexandre Tannous: How music influences the mind

The impact of music on our being is undeniable. As humans, we can experience reactions to music on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Coined the 'Master of Sound' by one of Harvest's attendees, Alexandre Tannous has spent his life investigating therapeutic and esoteric properties of sound from three perspectives: Western scientific, Eastern philosophical and shamanic societal beliefs. So how does sound affect human consciousness?

Indra Adnan: How to encourage women to find their voice

A writer, psycho-social therapist & political entrepreneur, specialising in future politics and conflict transformation, Indra Adnan talks about women, how she encourages them to speak up, how they are the social architects of our lives and why their job at home should get a status.

Gabor Maté: How to be authentic and why

Internationally renowned speaker and expert on trauma and addiction, Gabor Maté dissects what it means to be authentic and why it’s so important. Why do we repress emotions and instincts? As children we are shaped by our parents and those around us. We are taught to behave, to conform in order to belong. How can we reconnect to our authentic selves in order to fully express ourselves as humans and individuals?

Carole Debanné: Is love enough to raise a child?

Usually, parents-to-be have bought enough nappies, bottles and pyjamas and some may have read books about sleep training. But who spent enough time with their partner, self-reflecting on their own education, thinking about what they want to keep, what they don’t want to reproduce before having their baby? Carole Debanné, who has trained as a Montessori Educator in prenatal for 6 years, coaches and mentors on bringing greater peace and well-being to parents, their children and the world.

Claus Sendlinger: Creating mindful tourism

Are you ready to travel differently? No more air conditioning, fly less and eat local? Claus Sendlinger, passionate and with no filter, is seen as a visionary in the tourism industry. He has been at the forefront of innovation in travel and design since starting his career in 1987, founding an event agency and organising high-end travel experiences, establishing designhotels, since bought by Starwood and then absorbed by Marriott. Today, he runs Slow, which he co-founded and focuses on how to create more mindful tourism.

Prashant Goel: Making space for transformation

Prashant Goel is a leadership Advisor, Neuroscience and Depth Psychology pioneer. Previously an overachiever, Prashant ignored his trauma before discovering so much knowledge, including traditional wisdom. He will share in this episode his long journey and the tools he used for his transformation. Prashant will also explain why we have the perception that there is not enough for everybody in this world and so we compete with each other and compete between countries.

Helen Epega: How can music open dialogue between people?

Artist Helen Epega has dedicated her musical career to answering this question. Having moved from Nigeria to London, Helen’s family was a musical one, but her decision to pursue her career in this industry, didn’t just have to do with her joy of music - it was also about sending messages and building peace within community.

Burak Öymen & Roman Carel: What is wellbeing?

Turkish-born Burak Öymen and French-born Roman Carel are the founders of Harvest. Both of them are successful businessmen in real estate, and they decided to launch an event in Kaplankaya about wellbeing, next to Bodrum. What is the vision of the two friends? What are the latest trends in wellbeing and how has their notion of wellbeing evolved with time? They answered in Kaplankaya, last May, before the kick-off of the 5th edition.

Lisa de Narvaez: From breath to bliss

Lisa de Narvaez is an NYU certified coach and master breathwork teacher, and spiritual technologist committed to the evolution of human consciousness. She has developed a unique technique of breathing that can lead people to a transcendental experience. Some call it a meditation hack: access to a transcendental state without having to stand on a pillow for years. I could experience a session with her and was amazed.

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