Our talented lineup covers some truly fascinating topics during our events, which open our eyes and challenge our minds. Check out the videos below to harvest your own knowledge.

Thomas Ermacora

Empowering citizens through architecture

A co-curator of Harvest Kaplankaya's 6th edition, Thomas is an architect and futurist who wants to reimagine our towns and cities to be more aligned with our mental and physical needs, as well as the needs of the planet. How can we alter or create neighbourhoods and communities that address our fundamental needs as humans and allow us to reconnect to ourselves and to nature?

Harvest Kaplankaya

Chapter 7: Our story continues

Why is Harvest the ultimate playground for growth? Our unique alchemy of brilliant and pioneering minds, eye-opening healers and talented performers go hand in hand with the Harvest festival lifestyle. Our ethos of eat well, live well, learn more, listen intently, practice hard and dance harder has proven to be a successful formula in creating a community of individuals who want to inspire growth and ignite change.

Rodo Escalante

Navigating autism through breath

As a young boy, Rodo Escalante was diagnosed with autism and ADHD and suffered from depression and anger. Although his early years were not easy, everything changed for him when he discovered yoga, specifically the Prānāyāma practice. Breathing led him to deep dive in the Mexican caves, and Rodo today is not only able to be centred and to live without prescription medicine but is also teaching his method to clients. He shares his powerful experience with authenticity.

Louie Schwartzberg

Why optimism is our only choice

Humans, like nature, are resilient. Even in difficult times, life finds a way to emerge and to thrive. Gratitude is one of the ways in which we can develop resilience: by consciously shifting negative thoughts into positive thoughts of gratitude for what we have and for what is, we can thrive and help others to as well. A visual artist who breaks barriers, award-winning film director Louie tells stories that celebrate life and reveal the mysteries and wisdom of nature, people and places.

Taiye Selasi

Un-dividing citizens, leaders & discussions

What purpose do nation states and craft states serve in today's modern world? On a fundamental level, leaders should be acting to protect the citizens of a country - in some cases this is seen to be true, but sometimes the consequence of protecting one nation's citizens can be at the detriment of others around the globe. Taiye Selasi and Rose Claverie dig deep into what makes a conscious leader and a conscious state and ultimately how to create a more peaceful world.

Ari Peralta

Innerverse: The Intersection of Sensory Enrichment and Neuroscience

When we talk about neuroscience, we think of the human brain. But the reality is that we are far more connected to the universe than we often acknowledge. By tuning into our own innerverse, we begin to understand this deeper connection and understand that what we put out into the world will affect everything around it, including ourselves. Neuroscientist Ari Peralta dives deep into the complexity of the brain and the universe with a message of hope and optimism.

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Why we can still avoid imminent extinction

Some of Daniel Schmarchtenberger's friends say you can be "Schmachtenberged". It means realising that we are on our way to self-destruction as a civilisation, on a global level. This is a topic often addressed by the American philosopher and strategist, in a world with powerful weapons and technologies and a lack of efficient governance. But, as the catastrophic script has already started to be written, is there still hope? And how do we start reversing the scenario?

Bibi Brzozka

Reclaiming sexuality & awakening the self

How do we improve the intimate connection with our partners and take our sex life to new heights? It all starts with self love, compassion and self pleasure. Bibi Brzozka used to be more interested in glamorous things, money and her career. Then one day, she had an enlightening sexual experience, a full-body orgasm, that changed her life. Now she is a sex, love and relationship coach, and an expert in what she calls conscious sexuality.

Alexandre Tannous

How music influences the mind

The impact of music on our being is undeniable. As humans, we can experience reactions to music on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Coined the 'Master of Sound' by one of Harvest's attendees, Alexandre Tannous has spent his life investigating therapeutic and esoteric properties of sound from three perspectives: Western scientific, Eastern philosophical and shamanic societal beliefs.

Gabor Maté

Healing the Tragic Tension Between Attachment and Authenticity

As our society navigates difficult times, it has never been more important to bring connection back into focus. Gabor Maté describes the importance of maintaining both our integrity and our capacity to connect with others, particularly with those who hold differing experiences and perspectives.

Wade Davis

The Sacred

Wade Davis shares his knowledge about the origin of religion, the quest for the spirit and how we can live a life with a calm state of being. Life, nature, wisdom - these are categorised as sacred by ancient peoples, yet these are still fundamental and sacred in a modern world. What can we learn from ancient ways of being and thinking to transform today's global civilisation?

Anita Frauwallner

Discovering our Microbiota

After a grievous personal loss Anita Frauwallner has dedicated 30 years of research to the tiny little bacteria that can change our lives within minutes and hours. Learn how the prevalence of the right probiotic bacteria in your gut will impact whether you feel happy, active and healthy or if you are prone to diseases like Parkinson´s, Arthritis or depression.

Harvesting knowledge

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