Our talented lineup covers some truly fascinating topics during our events, which open our eyes and challenge our minds. Check out the videos below to harvest your own knowledge.

Regena Thomashauer
Savouring Feminine Pleasure - Mama Gena's Transformative Insights

Meet Regena Thomashauer aka Mama Gena, teacher and best-selling author of ‘Pussy: A Reclamation’. Today, for Harvest Series, she imparts her wisdom on the realm of feminine power. She will be facilitating a retreat for Harvest from November 29th to December 3rd in a charming Marrakesh setting, as Regena shares her insights on the art of reclaiming and magnifying your feminine energy through thought-provoking workshops with an empowering sisterhood. Find out more about the programme at www.harvestseries.com

Dr. Shefali
Parenting Beyond Perfection

Embark on a transformative journey into conscious parenting with Dr. Shefali, an expert guiding us through critical moments, shaping our approach to nurturing empowered children. Unravel the complexities of parental ego, exploring its impact on education, beliefs, and societal pressures. Discover how embracing imperfections fosters joy and fulfilment, challenging prevailing myths about parental responsibilities. Witness Dr. Shefali's personal transformation and glean insights from her upbringing. In this episode, we navigate conflicting egos and address common challenges.

Tom Morley
Harmonising Love & Revolution

In this episode, Tom shares his unique approach to building confidence and community through music, employing humour as a catalyst for unity. Through heartfelt anecdotes and spontaneous harmonies, Tom illustrates the transformative power of song, breaking down barriers and rekindling self-belief. Explore the magic of collaborative music creation, learn how to reintegrate music into your life, and unravel fascinating stories from Tom's journey, including his encounters with David Bowie. Join us for a heartfelt conversation exploring human voices' boundless potential and the hope that music ignites.

Julie Holland

The Love Molecule: Oxytocin Unveiled

Julie Holland has been an advocate for a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of mental health, particularly in relation to the use of psychiatric medications. In this episode, Dr. Julie Holland delves into the essence of social connection and the role of oxytocin, exploring anti-inflammatory strategies and the complexities of drug legalization. Advocating for decriminalization, she navigates topics from MDMA therapy to parenting advice, offering insightful perspectives and hope.

Tune in to our podcast as she alongside Rose navigates life’s ups and downs.

Jamie Wheal
Reviving Wisdom - Ancient Academies & Radical Hope

In this episode, we're joined by Jamie Wheal, a renowned researcher, author, and co-founder of the Flow Genome Project and our dear co-curator of Harvest's 7th season. Jamie takes us on a journey into Turkey's rich historical heritage. The Aegean coast, steeped in history, serves as the backdrop for Harvest, a revival of ancient academies. Symposiums, philosophy and spa-like experiences were the norm in ancient times, awaiting rediscovery. He also explains what "Radical Hope", the theme of the last edition in Kaplankaya, means for him.

Gabor Maté
Compassionate Inquiry workshop - 25 Sept, London

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth? We are thrilled to announce an exclusive one-day workshop with Dr Gabor Maté, one of the world's leading experts in trauma, at the iconic KOKO venue in London on 25th September. In this intimate event, Gabor will guide you through his powerful Compassionate Inquiry approach. Together, we will delve beneath the surface to uncover hidden core beliefs and unconscious stories that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Dr. Thupten Jinpa

Unlocking the Power of Compassion

Ever wondered how compassion can enhance your happiness and overall wellbeing? Curious about embracing more compassion in your life? And what about navigating the challenges when those around us lack compassion? Join us as we delve into these crucial questions with Dr. Thupten Jinpa, the visionary founder of the Compassion Institute. Get ready for insights, which will transform your perspective and empower your journey toward a more compassionate life.

Erica Blair
From dust to dream - the transformative vision of Burning Man

Dive into the world of Burning Man with Erica Blair, Associate Director of the project. Uncover the essence of this annual Nevada desert gathering where 80,000 creative souls unite, igniting a global movement of community building. Explore the ten principles driving Burning Man's ethos, from leaving no trace to radical inclusion. Discover the transformative power beyond the surface perceptions of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Get insights into the vision, governance and financing of the project.

Jason Nemer
Elevating joy - the AcroYoga journey

Jason Nemer, the co-founder of AcroYoga, a practice that combines acrobatics, yoga and therapeutics used to be a champion acrobat. By the age of 16, Jason had won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships of Sports Acrobatics, and at 21, he realised his dream of performing at the Olympic Games. How did this champion athlete go from the intensity of global competitions, to developing a new form of yoga? It all has to do with play. Today, Acroyoga gains worldwide recognition with celebrity clients and companies such as Google all trying it out.

Dennis Okwera
From civil war to civil duty

As a young child, Dennis was desperately trying to escape the rebels in war-torn Uganda with his little brother and their grandmother. Each day and night, they were faced with the threat of being abducted to become child soldiers and forced to commit atrocities. In finally fleeing the country and seeking Asylum in the UK with his father, Dennis was able to begin a new life, which years later led him to modelling with notorious fashion brands such as Vogue. The first thing he did when he started to earn money? Send it to his family back in Lumule, the community he comes from, to sponsor his cousin's studies. Now he is helping 800 children to go to school.

Harvesting knowledge

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