Harvest Series - Terms and conditions


Harvest is a curated immersive wellbeing experience organising on a series of invitation-only events and retreats (“Event” or “Events”) at the intersection of new-thinking, self- discovery and music. Our purpose is to create a better future for ourselves, for the community and the planet. Our vision is to inspire growth and ignite change. 

1. Harvest Series Events Cancellation, Change and Credit Policy

1.1.Due to economics and cancellation insurance limitations, we will not be able to issue cash refunds if you cancel your registration prior to the Event. 

1.2 If you purchased your ticket using a previously issued credit and need to cancel, we are happy to reissue that credit back to your account. All previously issued/reissued credits will expire at the end of 2023. If you purchased your ticket using cash and need to cancel, we are happy to issue a credit in the full amount of your ticket. This credit will expire 12 months from the date of issuance:

For cancellations 60+ days before the start of the event, choose from:

For cancellations between 30 to 60 days before the start of the event, choose from:

For cancellations within 30 days before the start of the event:

For cancellations less than 10 days before the start of event: 

1.3.Event lineups are subject to change. Unfortunately, we cannot extend credits or refunds on cancellations requested due to lineup changes.

1.4 Discount Policy: Discounts and discount codes provided by Harvest are applicable only at the time of checkout and cannot be applied retrospectively to past purchases. All discount codes are offered at the sole discretion of Harvest and may be subject to expiry dates. Harvest reserves the right to modify or revoke discount offers at any time without prior notice. By using discount codes, customers agree to adhere to these terms and conditions.

*Ticket credits must be used for any event within 12 months of the event date for which your ticket was originally purchased, any credit acquired will expire and be deleted from your account after this period. Tickets cannot be transferred to another event that is taking place within 30 days of the event you have just cancelled your ticket from. Ticket package prices may vary from event to event and year to year, any difference in price must be paid in order to attend the event.

2. Changes & Cancellation policy for the Circle of Talent

All Circle of Talent's purchases are strictly non-refundable. If attendees wish to change their date or time, they can enquire about this up to 24 hours before their appointment. Dates and times may be changed, subject to availability. Any request to change the date or time within 24 hours of your appointment will be denied. Clients can also request to transfer the appointment to another person, this can be requested up to 2 hours before the appointment.

3. Terms and Conditions for Ticket Purchasing by Payment Plan

3.1.Tickets for Harvest Series Events can be bought by paying the purchase price over two instalments. Payment by instalments is available to any customer buying a ticket in the applicant Eligibility Period for an Event, subject to ticket availability. The first instalment must be paid within the Eligibility Period.

3.2.The first instalment will be charged to your credit or debit card immediately upon your purchase of the ticket during the Eligibility Period. The second instalment will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card on or around the due dates set out in check out process, without further recourse to you. If your card is declined, you will be contacted for an alternative card. Any alternative card must belong to, and be in the name of, the original purchaser. If we are not provided with an alternative card within 5 days of the due date, your ticket(s) will be void, and you will not receive a refund for any instalments (including service charge and handling fee). 

3.3.You agree to pay the full ticket price plus the service charge and handling fee when the first instalment is transacted. The transaction will be completed only once your payment of all instalments has been processed and the total is paid in full. 

3.4.If you do not pay any of the instalments in full by the dates set out in the check out process, and we are not provided with an alternative credit or debit card within 5 days of the relevant due date where the original method of payment provided is declined (as per paragraph 2 above), you will lose (i) all instalments (including service charge and handling fee) already paid and (ii) the ticket(s) will be void. Subject to availability, we may exercise our discretion and permit you to restart instalments with a view to making your void ticket into a valid ticket again. If you wish to seek to do this, you must contact Harvest. There can be no guarantee of availability in such cases. 

3.5.It is recommended that you ensure that adequate funds are in place to process the payment of all instalments on the dates set out in the check out process and that your credit or debit card does not expire before the final instalment can be charged.

3.6.Tickets cannot be refunded after purchase, save as provided in Harvest Series Events Cancellation, Change and Credit Policy referred to above.

4. Travel Insurance

For additional protection, we encourage attendees to purchase travel, medical, and/or trip cancellation insurance. The attendee’s credit card or employer may also provide certain coverage.

5. COVID-19  Policy

5.1.At Kaplankaya the safety of our guests and staff members is our highest priority, which is why we've laid out some safety measures for you below so that all participants can enjoy the next Harvest event in as safe an environment as possible.

5.2.The World Health Summit has declared the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) a worldwide pandemic. Due to its capacity to transmit from person-to-person, relevant governmental authorities have set recommendations, guidelines, and some prohibitions (“regulations”) to encourage and protect the health and safety of the public. Harvest intends to comply with such regulations and expects the same of its Event attendees. Despite this adherence to these regulations, it is still possible for COVID-19 to transmit person-to-person.

5.3.In registering for a Harvest Event, you hereby agree to these terms and conditions and in particular agree to:

5.4.Harvest reserves the right to send home any Event attendee (staff or participant) who tests positive for COVID-19 on-site regardless of whether or not such attendee presents with any COVID-19 symptomology. 

5.5.Harvest reserves the right to send home any staff member or attendee who: 

  1. exhibits COVID-19 symptoms and refuses to see on-site medical staff for assessment/additional testing, or 
  2. exhibits COVID-19 symptoms and tests positive upon additional testing. Credits (not cash refunds) will be issued for anyone who is unable to participate in part or in full at any Event due to COVID-19.

5.6.Should a staff member or attendee exhibit COVID-19 symptoms on-site at an Event, said staff member or attendee will be subject to a health screening/ assessment/ additional COVID-19 test performed by a hired medical professional. Should the subject individual refuse to be screened/re-tested, that individual will be asked to leave the Event (and will be issued a credit, if applicable).

5.7.Should a staff member or attendee test positive for COVID-19 on site, whether upon arrival or upon re-testing at any point throughout the Event, that individual will be asked to leave immediately and provided with local options for lodging (and will be issued a credit, if applicable).

5.8.Harvest will be abiding by local laws and reserves the right to institute additional health and safety requirements or adjust the requirements herein should legal requirements and/or local circumstances so require.

6. In Case of Emergency

In case of illness or accident, we are only minutes away from world-class professional help. At Kaplankaya we have an in-house nurse and in case of emergency we have regional hospitals only 40 minutes away, or just 10 minutes by helicopter.

7. Travel Requirements

Pre-arrival travel requirements to Turkey

With travel regulations changing regularly, it is important that you check your own requirements for travelling to Turkey before travelling to a Harvest Event. To keep up-to-date, please make sure you are checking your departure country's travel guidelines as well as Turkey's guidelines.

8. Changes To These Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time. All such changes will take effect once they have been posted on the Sites and you will be deemed to have accepted any such changes by your use of the Sites after such time. 

9. Photos & videos

You agree to be photographed and videoed by our professional team, which will be used for marketing purposes during and after the event. All shared content will aim to respect the privacy of all guests and will not show any sensitive content that could compromise or violate the wellbeing of any guests.

For any other questions, please email our team directly at reservations@harvestseries.com