Harvest Kaplankaya
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Saturday 25th May

Sage & Sea restaurant at Six Senses Kaplankaya offers an abundant traditional Turkish-style breakfast and an eclectic dinner menu. Located on level one, it includes a bar and uninhibited views of the Aegean Sea and Bodrum peninsula.

Mantra MVMT, a non-profit dedicated to exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, offers a transformative digital experience.

Through synchronized sound, pulsating lights, and ancient wisdom, we guide participants on an introspective journey without substances.

Inspired by "set and setting" principles, our immersive experience, featuring "SKY PORTAL X" sculptures, stimulates brain regions akin to meditation and psychedelic therapy.

Join for renewed purpose and interconnectedness, leaving with elevated well-being.

A dynamic fusion of intense intervals, boxing, cardio, strengthening, and yoga, all designed to reshape your fitness journey. Led by Brylle, a retired professional basketball player who’s spent over twenty years training and conditioning the body and mind.

Vinyasa Yoga with Marine Chapon at Yoga Pavilion
Invigorate your body and mind with Marine’s energizing open-level full-body vinyasa class. This session is designed to welcome practitioners of all levels, blending traditional yoga postures with functional movement and strength-building exercises. Through dynamic sequences and mindful breathing, you'll cultivate balance, flexibility, and inner strength, setting the tone for a vibrant day ahead.

Spontaneous Action with Amber Joy Rava at Anhinga Beach
Wake up with the sun, start your day with a Spontaneous Activation sure to set you on Fire with Sacred Embodiment tools gathered from her method Dancing the Divine. Prepare your body / energy for the “Dancefloor” Life.

Embrace the power of Primal Moves, a revolutionary and now cult workout method conceived by founder Nick Brewer within the confines of a prison isolation cell. Join Nick as he leads us through the principles of this dynamic bodyweight training, designed to open the body and correct negative postural patterns that affect us physically and emotionally.

Through multi-joint, multi-planar movements, discover newfound stability, strength, and mobility, while restoring balance to both body and mind. Embark on this transformative journey to unlock your primal potential and rediscover your body's natural harmony. Start your day with Primal Moves and ignite your inner strength.

HUMANHOOD Dance Class with Julia Roberts and Rudice Cole at Movement Studio
Experience the transformative HUMANHOOD workshop where choreography merges with science, mysticism, and holistic movement. Dive into Rudi and Julia's fusion of choreography with elements of physics and eastern mysticism.

Engage in gi-gong, shaking, bouncing, and guided improvisation to unlock your body's wisdom and connect with inner energy. Led by Rudi and Julia, immerse in light, sound, and movement, culminating in a final meditation for profound self-discovery. Explore the boundless potential of human expression and interconnectedness in the universe.

Katonah Yoga with Danielle Rosati at Yoga Studio
Experience Katonah Yoga, a structural practice honing the bones and joints, aligning organs and glands for optimal function. These workshop-style classes with a focus on adjustments reveal the intricate design of your body, guiding you towards alignment and transformation.

Dive into archetypal poses not just for relaxation, but for profound personal change, using your body as a roadmap to growth. Through repetitive practice, embark on a journey of reformation, transformation, and liberation, paving the way to a more joyful you.

Harvest Stage

Join us post workout  with Galahad Clark, founder of VivoBarefoot, and Nick Brewer, founder of Primal Moves, as they discuss the importance of freeing your feet and embracing the simple intelligence of natural movement.

Discover how rewilding your feet can enhance overall well-being, promote better posture, and reconnect you with the earth. Drawing from their extensive experience and passion for barefoot living, Galahad and Nick will share insights on the benefits of natural foot function and the transformative power of minimalist footwear.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation on the path to healthier, happier feet.

Four billion years ago in a hot spring pool the first ‘protocells’ started their communal march toward life. Heat, light and chemical potential grew into something utterly new in the history of the cosmos: radically interconnected networks.

Dr. Bruce Damer will delve into the latest research on the origins of life, and share the findings that are sparking revolutions in technology, culture and how we may reimagine and remake our future.

We are fuelled daily by climate denial and defeatism, and we see anxiety, anger and apathy setting in for so many, particularly young people. Sustainability is often a catch all term, drowning in jargon (ESG), complexity and incrementalism.

Join Hannah on a journey back to the beginning of the corporate responsibility movement, and discover the joy, potential and creativity of the emergent often unseen climate creative movement that is challenging the status quo, one ingenious solution at a time.

Renowned hacker and inventor Pablos Holman offers an inspirational view of what's possible in a world of exponential change. 

With over 30 years of experience, Holman's journey spans from pioneering cryptocurrency in the 1990s to reimagining space travel with Jeff Bezos. At the Intellectual Ventures Lab, his team created game-changing technologies, from mosquito-zapping lasers to AI-powered malaria diagnostics. 

Through collaboration and conversation, Holman emphasizes the power of collective intelligence in solving global challenges. Pablos inspires us to challenge conventions, embrace curiosity, and pave the way for a future shaped by innovation.

In the past few decades we've been coming to the end of many of our unifying and orienting stories. From the benefits of capitalism, to the virtues of democracy and multiculturalism, more and more people are questioning the foundations of civilization.

Into that vacuum, all sorts of regressive and destructive narratives are rising up to take their place. It's time for new answers to our oldest questions: where have we come from, what's going on, and what do we do now?

Afternoon Workshops

What is soul song?

Soul song is your soul that through divine code is being sung to by Lex Empress on the spot. A transmission where Lex in full devotion executes exactly what is being shown to her by source, in melody, vocal techniques, words, in every breath. 

This moment, any moment, you have a song, about something in your life about which you may receive clarity. Now you can hear and receive this healing live. 

Lex is a full time professional singer who sings in 7 different languages and has a 4, 5 octave vocal reach. She is a songwriter with full vision and healing capabilities. Gilian Baracs is a virtuoso pianist who improvises every note he will play. Each song sounds like a radio song, is fully recorded, mixed and mastered for you and sent afterwards. 

Over 7000 songs have been played so far. An incredible legacy until you hear and see it for yourself.

While many have directly experienced the therapeutic  power of psychedelics, we understand that for various  reasons, some are hesitant to journey. As such, we’ve curated an inclusive digital psychedelic experience, allowing everyone from the curious to the experienced psychonaut to “go-inwards" without the use of any substances. 

What is a Digital Psychedelic Experience?

Drawing inspiration from both ancient philosophies and modern science, this unique journey blends vibration, pulsating lights, and synchronized sound. This is a one-of-a-kind  experience that brings you back to center without the use of any substances.

The art of loving the masculine. Relationships are complex. Yet with a little awareness of the energetic differences between men and women, the way we process conflict, the deeper truth behind what we truly desire, and how to support us without losing the essence of who you are, you will have the power to understand how to truly create the relationships you yearn for.

In this 90-minute Deep Dive for Men, we will explore the feminine nature both within yourself and in the world around you by delving into your emotional body.

By doing so, you will gain a deep understanding of how to authentically hold space for the feminine within your partner, communities, and work environments.

In this Wim Hof Method Fundamentals workshop, you'll discover the incredible benefits of cold exposure, breathing techniques, and the profound influence of the mind on your body's physiology.

Explore how harnessing the elements of oxygen and cold can optimize both your physical and mental well-being, bolstering your immune system and unlocking untapped potential within yourself. Through a combination of deep breathing exercises, gradual cold exposure, and mindfulness practices, you'll learn how to tap into your body's innate ability to heal and thrive.

Led by Laura and Isabelle Hof, this workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to this groundbreaking approach to health and wellness. Learn how to manage your mood, enhance your resilience, and reset your physiology to its optimal state, empowering you to live life to the fullest. 

How do I tell captivating stories that move people into action? How do I structure a story? What are the biggest mistakes to avoid in storytelling? Vika Viktoria will answer these questions and more as she guides you through the neuroscience, psychology, and secrets of the most ancient skill in our human repertoire. You'll walk away with a storytelling toolbox to become a powerful storyteller at home and at work. Prepare to laugh, connect, and savor. 

Join Feodor Elutine's 90-minute workshop to unlock focus, inner balance, and conquer fear through the ancient practice of standing on sadhu nails.

Experience foot reflexology, a 5,000-year-old Chinese technique, stimulating energy flow for holistic healing. In a safe, supportive environment, embrace new sensations, overcome mental barriers, and heal past traumas. 

With Feodor's guidance and joyful energy, join over 2000 others on this transformative journey. Express yourself freely and prepare for a profound shift in well-being.

Evening Entertainment

By sea; meet at the Main Beach dock.

By land; walk north along the coast (25 minutes)

By shuttle; meet at the hotel reception

Created by M. Kayhan Yakarlar (KhaiKhan), Majnoon is a musical odyssey from Rist Istanbul and Rist Records, blending Eastern richness with universal sounds. Guided by "Music Rising from the East," Majnoon unites the world through its local roots, crafting performances that transcend linguistic, religious, and racial boundaries.

Each show is an improvised expression of passion, featuring a diverse array of instruments like the ney, duduk, clarinet, and more, celebrating our shared humanity and cultural diversity.

Get ready for the electrifying sounds of K.O.G., a Ghanian-Anglo 9 piece band delivering fierce African grooves and dynamic brass. Fronted by the multi-dimensional creative force Kweku Sackey, also known as K.O.G. (Kweku of Ghana), this ensemble is a powerhouse of talent.

Prepare to be captivated by K.O.G.'s exquisite writing skills, shamanistic live performances, fierce raps, and flawlessly pitched singing spanning a massive vocal range. Witness his mastery as a percussionist, arranger, bandleader, and art director, all seamlessly woven into an unforgettable experience.

As a true poet and storyteller, K.O.G. crafts sonic landscapes with a mix of English, Pidgin, and Ga, reaching deep into the souls of all who listen.

We acknowledge the pivotal influence of "set  and setting” in the psychedelic journey. The Manta Sky Portal  experience integrates the sacred geometric sculptures known as “SKY PORTAL X”  crafted by Burning Man artist Gregg Fleishman.

Nestled within these artistic, inspiring wood  pieces constructed without metal fasteners of any kind, participants will experience  our proprietary multisensory frequency  technologies that activate the same parts of  the brain stimulated by deep meditation and  psychedelic therapies. Combined with guided mindfulness, the  result is each participant leaving with  a renewed sense of purpose, feelings of interconnectedness, and elevated well-being.

Experience a 2-hour live set by Chilean composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Rodrigo Gallardo. Rooted in Andean and Latin American music, Gallardo's sound is enriched by modern samples, electronic beats, and deep bass.

His performances blend singing, reeds, charangos, and guitars with lyrics aiming for collective consciousness and ancestral connection. Joining him is guest musician De Las Esferas, enhancing this unique musical journey.

Drawing from her Colombian roots and global travels, Eli's music transcends boundaries, guiding listeners into states of blissful abandonment.

Through her brand ALTAR, she orchestrates ceremonial experiences, uniting individuals in a collective renewal of self, community, and nature. With rhythmic beats and ritual dance, Eli invokes the highest Feminine principle, transforming consciousness and honoring our connection to the Earth. Embark on a transformative experience where mystical spirits awaken, as Eli Light takes control of the musical journey.

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