Music as Medicine | Psilocybin Journey

19th - 24th January 2025

Retreat deposit to secure your spot

Welcome to our 5 day immersion experience designed with your well-being in mind.

As part of our commitment to guest safety and ensuring a harmonious environment, we have implemented a screening process for this retreat. After selecting your preferred package and making an initial reservation with a deposit, you will receive the screening questionnaire. This step allows us to carefully assess health considerations and ensure compatibility with our retreat environment before finalizing your booking. 

The rigorous application process has been designed to assist participants in safely participating in program activities. The screening reviewers carefully assess each applicant’s personal, medical and psychiatric history (with consent). For some individuals, participating in program activities, particularly consuming psilocybin, may lead to undesirable drug interactions or other psychiatric or physical complications. In these cases, we are unable to approve applications.

Step-by-step Process Summary

Step 1 - Participant Reservation and Screening Fee Deposit (approx. 20 minutes)
Choose your desired package and make an initial reservation by submitting a deposit.

Step 2 - Participant Screening Questionnaire & Call

After completing your initial deposit payment, you will receive a confirmation email to proceed to the screening process divided in two parts:

     1. Application / Screening Form: You will find in this message a link to complete a written screening questionnaire within one week.     
     2. Screening Call: You will find in this message a link to book a screening call with Beckley.

Step 3 - Harvest & Beckley Screening Process (1 week)
Harvest and Beckley will review your questionnaire to assess health considerations and suitability for the retreat environment.

Step 4 - Participant Approval and Final Payment (approx. 10 minutes)
Upon approval, you can proceed to finalize the payment for the remaining balance of your chosen package.

Refund Policy: If your application is not accepted, we will provide a refund promptly.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to guiding you through an enriching experience.